Our work

There are three key functions within the EEIAS, these are:

The Quality Framework

The Quality Framework provides a mechanism for assuring activity related to Youth Entrant Participation, Worked Primed Programmes, Industry Apprenticeships and Upskilling, Cross-Skilling & Re-skilling. The Quality Framework consists of a Provider Approval process and a Product Approval process. Together both processes will look to assure the quality of both the training providers and the learning and training interventions delivered.


The EEIAS builds on existing employer assessment and quality assurance practice and create the support infrastructure needed to independently assure assessments, allowing employers to take greater ownership and responsibility of skills provision within their sectors. The EEIAS is a key, strategic response to the Government reforms in this area and is designed to help ensure the reforms realise their intended goal of increased employer leadership, helping make the reforms scalable and secure. 

The EEIAS is an approved independent end-point assessment organisation for the following Apprenticeship Standards:

The Affiliate Community of Practice

The Affiliate community shares good practice on assessment and quality related matters and open up new channels for cooperation and sharing of practice around the Trailblazer apprenticeships, youth engagement and sector attractiveness, up-skilling and cross-skilling of the existing workforce and other key areas where providers can come together with the common goal of raising standards in assessment and quality of learning, training and assessment.

Below you will find further programme information, independent end-point assessment services, case studies, news, upcoming events and links to access a variety of resources available.