How to Prevent Blocked Drains: Tips from Brighton’s Top Plumbers

Blocked drains can be a homeowner’s nightmare, causing distress and inconvenience. It can lead to nasty odours, gurgling noises, and, in some instances, even flooding. Should you live in Brighton and find yourself grappling with frequent drain blockages, it’s time to listen to Brighton’s top plumbers’ tips on preventing blocked drains.

The most common cause for clogged drains are items that shouldn’t go into the drain in the first place. So, the cardinal rule is to be mindful of what goes down the pipes. In the kitchen, avoid pouring cooking oils, fat or grease down the sink. Once these substances cool, they solidify, which may cause a blockage over time. If you have leftover oil, fat, or grease from cooking, dispose of it in a sealed, non-recyclable container and throw it in the trash.

Dispose food waste appropriately. Waste such as coffee grounds, tea leaves, vegetable peelings, or eggshells can also lead to blockages. Rather than wash them down the drain, consider composting them or disposing of them in your regular trash.

In the bathroom, it’s common for hair, soap scum, and personal hygiene products to clog the drains. Installing drain guards in your showers and bathtubs can help catch hair and soap residue. Also, it would help if you never flushed anything other than toilet paper down the toilet.

Routine cleaning and maintenance go a long way to prevent blocked drains. Each week, run some hot water through the sink to help prevent dirt build-up. Alternatively, a blocked drains brighton mixture of baking soda followed by hot water, or vinegar and warm water, can effectively combat the potential block up.

Professional tools can also save the day. Use a plumber’s snake or hand augers for tougher clogs. These flexible tools can reach deep into the drain and break up blockages.

Despite your best efforts, if you still experience regular drain blockages, it could be a sign of a bigger issue. Issues such as tree root intrusions, pipe corrosion or misaligned pipelines are common culprits. In such scenarios, it’s best to call in professional plumbers who can accurately diagnose and address the problem.

Brighton’s top plumbers recommend an annual professional drain cleaning service. They use techniques like hydro-jetting and CCTV drain surveys to thoroughly clean and inspect your drains. This proactive approach keeps your drain system in check and helps in early detection of any potential problems.

In conclusion, simple, mindful practices can prevent most of the common causes of blocked drains. By paying attention to what goes down the drains, following regular cleaning routines, and availing professional services when needed, you can maintain a free-flowing, efficient drain system. Keep the Brighton plumbers’ tips in mind, and you’ll keep the plumber’s bill at bay. Remember, when it comes to home maintenance, prevention is always better than a cure.